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Disclaimer to the database:

The RMHA does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, that this data is free of errors, accurate or complete and therefore assumes no liability for any loss or damage of any kind as a result of the use of the information from this database as presented on this web site.


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Note to the database:

This database, completed in August 2012, replaces a Microsoft Access database that had been in use since the early 1990’s.  This project was undertaken to improve the data collection and management processes of the RMHA by providing an expanded, relational, web-based system about Rocky Mountain horses, for Rocky Mountain horse owners, RMHA members, equine enthusiasts and other visitors to our website. 

The pedigree charts, generated from the database, contain the most accurate information about the lineage of Rocky Mountain horses obtainable from the recorded history of the breed.  Because there is no documentation for the earliest horses, there are registered and unregistered horses with the same name, horses where the data shows more than one sire and/or dam, and sometimes two identical horses with an identical sire and/or dam but a different grand-sire and/or grand-dam.  For the database to work properly, no two horses can have the same name and every horse can have only one sire and one dam in the data.  To minimize changes to the data imported from the Microsoft Access database, but still account for the problems associated with the unregistered horses, specific horses have a number appended to their name.

To summarize, the following criteria were used to modify the data:

  • Horses with the same name but identified with different sires and/or dams have a number added or appended to their record in the name field.
    • As a rule, the registered horse was left un-appended while the unregistered horses were appended.
    • No two registered horses have the same name.
    • All horses with the same name that we appended are identified with different sires and/or dams.
  • Grammar and spelling errors were corrected when the data supported the change
  • Different versions for the spelling of unknown (unk, etc) were changed to “Unknown”
  • Whenever possible, all information from the old Access system was retained, including discrepancies in ancestor names.
  • Corrections were made to the data when a records check confirmed the data was in error.  This was for registered horses only.
  • No horse names were changed, only the sire and/or dam they were linked to.
    • For horses with the identical name and different parent names, if a certificate showed a sire or dam as blank or unknown, unknown was used.  If there was no certificate and three or more parent choices and one of the alternatives was unknown, unknown was used.


For those who would like to learn more about the steps taken in developing this database, contact the RMHA office and ask for the expanded note to the database.

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