Youth Program

Welcome to the RMHA Youth Program Page. Now is a great time to get involved with the RMHA Youth!


 We want you to know… you can gain Awards with your Rocky through all kinds of activities!!

Your Rider's Card is a ticket to RMHA rewards!!


Do you like to trail ride with your Rocky??

·         Did you know… you can join the Youth division of the RMHA Trail Mileage Program?! 

Why not sign up to log those miles and enjoy the awards?! More information available here


Do you think you might like a little added competition on the trails??

·         Did you know… you can receive KHBIF rewards for participation with your Kentucky Born and Bred Rocky in Equine Trail Sports events?! 


Do you think you might like to take your Rocky to horse shows??

·         Did you know… there are RMHA sanctioned shows and classes available for you and you can earn KHBIF awards if you are participating on a Kentucky Born and Bred horse, too?!

Check out the Events & Programs tab - Show Program & Results link for show bills


Do you and your Rocky do it all?

·         Did you know… there is a Youth Awards Program that lets you track points from a variety of activities and receive recognition Levels 1 to 4?!  Click Here For the Youth Award of Excellence.

      Click here for how to earn points.



Do you want to get involved but need some help?

·         Did you know…there are youth clinics offered to help you and your horse?!

Don't miss the annual RMHA Youth Camp for kids and their gaited horses.... it is a great way to learn all sorts of important info, get instruction from experienced professionals and amateurs, meet dozens of other youth riders and learn skills that will help you with every horse you ride!
Join the official RMHA Facebook page to catch all the latest information. 




Do you plan to go to college and could use some extra cash?

·         Did you know… there is an RMHA Youth Scholarship Program?

      Click here for Youth Scholarship Application.

      Click here for the Youth Scholarship Guidelines.  





So now you know - what are you waiting for?

You and your Rocky have a lot to do!!! 






Wouldn’t you love to see yourself here on the web?  Show off how much you love your Rocky and send in those photos!

We hope that you have a great time with your favorite Rocky!

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