Trail Mileage Program


RMHA Trail Mileage Program Rules and Enrollment Form

NOTICE, the trail year runs from November 1st of the previous year to October 31st of the current year (so annual awards can be calculated in time for presentations to TOP MILEAGE HORSES AND RIDERS at the annual Awards Banquet). 
 WHO is eligible:

     This program is available to all RMHA members and youth. You MUST be a current member to participate in this program. If you are currently not a member, please complete the Application for Membership and submit it with the other necessary forms.   Horses must be registered and certified to participate in this program.


 This program requires a Rider’s Card, $10.00 and a $20.00 Trail Mileage fee. Total: $30.00. Yearly enrollment form must be submitted with the $20.00 participation fee. No mileage awards will be awarded without this form and fee. Program fees are to cover the costs of the program only.  Click HERE for the enrollment form.


This program is based on miles spent trail riding. Participation is easy to track using the Trail Mileage forms on the website. Whether you ride slow, medium or fast, all are welcome to participate. The "Trail Year" runs from November 1st, to October 31st.

 A separate mileage log maintained for EACH horse.

 This program is based on the honor system. Anyone knowingly falsifying information will be automatically disqualified with no refund of the program fee. You will be denied future enrollment in this program. If your RMHA membership is revoked, you will also be disqualified from this program.

 Miles are accumulated any time riders ride in a "trail type" situation. This program encourages use of local trails and public lands that allow trail riding. Clarification examples: Mileage can be accumulated along roads and fields, on organized trail rides, local trails and endurance type rides. Competitive distance and endurance riders are eligible, as long as the mileage logged, is on the trails. NOT included are: any type of dressage riding, round pen or arena riding (indoor or outdoor), any kind of clinic, schooling or training, any type of showing. This program is to encourage and reward riders to experience trail riding and use of public land and local parks.


  The trail year runs from NOVEMBER 1, to OCTOBER 31.  Trail logs are to be POSTMARKED by NOVEMBER 15th.  No emails stating mileage will be accepted, only actual logs.  You may email your log to the office as an attachment.   Miles logged begins with the Enrollment Form being sent to the RMHA office. Awards will be mailed after the annual Awards Banquet held in January/February of the following year. When submitting your Trail Mileage Log at the end of the year, make sure that ALL FOUR PAGES accompany your log. The Summary Forms (pages 3 and 4) help expedite ordering your award (if earned) and keeping track of previous years' mileage. Log sheets must be legible.


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Winchester, KY 40391

Office Phone:(859) 644-5244

email: admin@rmhorse .com



 If you have earned a story for the magazine, email submissions work best.  Please email story and photo to:



 100 miles:  bumper sticker, 25th anniversary cook book

 250 miles:  license plate, magnetic frame

 500 miles:  trail rider t-shirt

 750 miles: hat, luggage tag

 1,000 miles:  pin, water bottle, brief story/photo for magazine, certificate

 2,500 miles: pin, sweatshirt, certificate

 5,000 miles: TOBE award plaque for one rider, one horse team,(this award is for the horse), brief story/photo for magazine, pin, logo all- purpose bag


                          Certificate for multiple horse- one rider, pin, brief story/photo for magazine, logo all- purpose bag

 7,500 miles: logo duffle bag, certificate

 10,000 miles: pin, custom patch, brief story/photo for magazine

 OVER 10,000 miles:  one custom patch for each 1,000 miles over 10,000

 Special Awards:


 Trophy for first place, ribbons for second and third place.

 Awarded to the Top Three Riders with the most mileage in that trail year in two categories:

 One rider, one horse

 One rider, multiple horses

 5,000 Miles, TOBE Award

 5,000 miles accumulated by one horse, one rider team. This award is for the horse.  Commemorative plaque with horse and rider’s name engraved.

 10,000 Miles, Perpetual Trophy

 When a rider has achieved 10,000 miles (one rider, one horse AND one rider, multiple horses, are eligible) , their name is added to a perpetual trophy in the Rocky Mountain Horse Association office.

25,000 Miles, NORTHCOTE Award.  Named for Gloria Northcote who has logged well over 25,000 miles on her Rocky Mountain Horses.  Rider is awarded with a personal plaque, and their name on a perpetual plaque in the Rocky Mountain Horse Association office.


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