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RMHA Versatile Horse and Rider Awards Program

RMHA Versatile Horse of the Year Award


RMHA Versatility Program is a program designed to recognize the Rocky Mountain Horse for its many skills and attributes.  Horses will acquire points based on performances, demonstrations, trail rides, shows, etc. The points will follow the horse regardless of owner or handler. Certificates will be given at the year-end awards banquet for Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of accomplishment dependent upon the number of points the horse has acquired.  While the RMHA Versatile Horse of the Year Award is for one year only a Calendar year consists of November 1st to October 31st.  Points for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels accumulate continuously.  The program is divided into a Youth and Adult division and tallied accordingly.

Owners/Agents must submit appropriate forms and documentation to the RMHA Executive Director by December 1st each year in order for points to be tabulated before the banquet.  Late submissions cannot be considered for the current year.  The horse with the highest total of points for the year will be recognized as the RMHA Versatile Horse of the Year. 

  For The RMHA Versatility Program, points accumulate continuously for the horse based on participation in various venues and events.  A demonstration or performance is made in a public venue with at least 25 people present.  Documentation is required in the form of photographs, show bills, ride organizer signed letter, etc.  In the event there is a question about documentation or an event not listed in the group of venues below, the Special Programs Committee will review the information submitted and make a decision.  Should there continue to be a question, the RMHA Board of Directors will make the final ruling.   No more than 5 scores will be accepted for each venue.  Each application must also have at least 5 different venues represented.   While some events are simply based on participation, others may be judged competitions.  While some events are simply based on participation, others may be judged competitions.  In competition situations*, the following scale will be used:




                                                 Place in competition         Point Value assigned


1st  =  10

2nd  =  9

3rd  =  8

4th  =  7

5th  =  6

6th  =  5

7th  =  4

8th  =  3

9th  =  2

                                                                                        10th  =  1

                                                                                 Participation = 1 point


Gold Lifetime Achievement Level  -    200 points

Silver Lifetime Achievement Level  -  100 points

Bronze Lifetime Achievement Level  -  50 points


Event Venues                                            Points


Local Trail Ride                                                              5

Trail Ride more than 100 miles from home                  10

Breed demonstration                                                  20

Drill Team Performance                                               10

Judge’s Clinic Demonstration                                      10

4 H Clinic Demo Horse                                                10

Riding for the Handicapped Horse                              10

Other (with committee approval)


Competition Venues*

*4 H District Competition Horse

*4 H State Level Competition Horse

*Show Jumping competition

* Endurance Competitions (AERC,)

*Dressage competition

*Cross Country competition

*Extreme Cowboy Race

*Trail Obstacle Competition 

*One competitive trail ride 

*Team Penning

*Western Reining

*Western Patterns

*Cowboy Mounted Shooting

*Western Pleasure show competition

*Conformation show competition

*CTP, Trail, Show Pleasure Class




*Four Gait show competition

*Pole Bending

*Barrel racing competition

Other (with committee approval)

 Click here for the Versatile Horse Accumulating Form

Click here for the Versatile Horse of the Year Accomplishment Form


RMHA Board approved 6/22/14



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