Standing Committees

The Standing Committees of the RMHA are established by the RMHA Bylaws. These committees are integral parts of the administration of the RMHA. The Standing Committees are made up of dedicated members, who have volunteered their time and talents for the wellbeing of the breed and the organization.  

Finance Committee

CHAIR:Ellen Knapp          
Mark Eastin
Claudia Depew
Steve Heuslein

Duties: The purpose of the Finance Committee is to monitor current financial health and plan the fiscal future of the RMHA in conjunction with members of the Board. The committee’s functions are as follows:
1)      Along with the Treasurer and Board to monitor current financial statements.
2)      Assist the Treasurer and Board in setting goals for budgeting.
3)      Interpret the financial status of the RMHA to the Board.

Genetics Committee

CHAIR Noah Anderson

Maye Carter

Steve Autry 

Larry LeBlanc

Stephanie Moore Murdock

Taryn O’Brien

Duties: The purpose of the Genetics Committee is to monitor the genetic status of the Rocky Mountain Horse. The Genetics Committee will also provide the membership of the RMHA with accurate, timely and detailed statistics and information for the express purpose of sustaining sound breeding practices. Through this activity committed efforts will be maintained to preserve the genetic uniqueness of the breed. The Genetics Committee shall solicit services of professionals in fields of research, medicine and genetics to assist in efforts and/or recommendations to the membership. 

The International Show Committee

Chair Ellen Knapp

Lyngle Lawson

Markeeta Moore

Tim Spencer

Sharma Brown

Melissa Grimes

Tracy Burchell

Duties:The International Show Committee (ISC) shall be responsible for coordinating all activities relating to the Rocky Mountain Horse Association Annual International Show (International Show). Such activities shall include:

  1. The recommendation of a professional show manager for approval by the Board.
  2. Coordination of all volunteers.
  3. Preparation of Marketing, advertising and general promotional materials and programs.
  4. Management of stall assignments.
  5. Coordination of all matters associated with the Kentucky Horse Park.
  6. Management of vendor contracts.
  7. Recommending the class schedule for approval by the Board. (See Rules, Section 6, for more)

Marketing & Public Relations Committee

CHAIR  Sean O'Bryan

Kelvin Robbins

Katy Bender

Janet Berkin
 Michelle Lee

 Duties: Within this group, chairpersons and members are assigned to make up the ad-hoc Promotional Committee and the ad-hoc Merchandising Committee that work in tandem with the Marketing & Public Relations Committee. The purpose of the Marketing & Public Relations Committee is to determine and advise the Board regarding media utilization in order to maximize advertising dollars. This committee shall also develop advertising for transmission to selected media and keep current the RMHA’s brochure. The ad-hoc Promotional Committee shall develop videos for riding, training, bitting and shoeing for membership access and purchase. This committee shall develop materials for horse fairs and exhibitions and coordinate distribution of these materials. The ad-hoc Merchandising Committee shall assure that all promotional items for sale by the RMHA are maintained in good supply and will coordinate selling of items at horse fairs, exhibits, and shows.

Membership Committee

CHAIR Kathy House

Lori Choate

 Darin Woods
Linda Clarke
Susan Travers

 Duties: This committee shall recommend ways to increase the membership base, develop different types of memberships not inconsistent with the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws, expanding membership benefits and define responsibilities of members to the RMHA and responsibilities of the RMHA to the members. 

Publication Committee

CHAIR Laura Cleaveland


Diana Hastings

Lee Hatcher Moore

Duties: This committee is established to carry out all responsibilities necessary to facilitate the publication of the RMHA magazine and newsletter. Committee members may solicit or create articles or news items for publication and may carry out all editorial responsibilities within the guidelines established by the RMHA Rules and Bylaws. The Publications Committee chair serves as the direct liaison with the publishing company.

Registration Advisory Committee

CHAIR Gina Purdue

Linda Clarke

David Shewmaker

Cyndee Davis

Chad Weaver

 Duties:This committee shall be chaired by the Secretary of the RMHA. If the position of Registrar is filled that individual shall be a member of this committee. This committee shall develop, devise and propose to the Board such rules, forms and procedures as will promote the smooth and efficient operation of the Registry. This committee shall be responsible for the records of the RMHA pertaining to registered horses. This committee shall investigate any complaint or disagreement concerning The Registry that cannot otherwise be resolved and recommend action to the Board.

Rules Committee

CHAIR John Stivers

Michael Brummer

Jason Slone

Geraldine Kazee 

Elsie Hatcher

Duties: This committee shall be responsible to codify all existing and future actions constituting Rules and Regulations of the RMHA into one published document. This committee shall make suggestions for changes or modifications in wording to existing Rules for purposes of clarity and proper coordination. This committee shall be available as a resource for the Board, other committees and the membership, as requested, to advise on matters pertaining to the Rules and Bylaws. All of the standing committee chairpersons shall be advising members of the Rules Committee for coordination purposes.

Show Advisory Committee

CHAIR Chastity Adkins

Marianne Jolley

Jeff McCarty

Debbie Maxon

Luka Moore

Derick Tipton

Jane Gean

Duties: The Show Advisory Committee (SAC) shall include one of the Directors of Examiners. The SAC shall devise and propose to the Board such Rules and Regulations pertaining to shows and other sanctioned RMHA events as will generally promote their efficient and equitable functioning. The SAC shall establish, arrange and sanction shows, rides and other promotional events of the RMHA. Any member of this committee shall not be a member of the Show Judging Committee or the International Show Committee. The SAC shall coordinate it’s activities with the Show Judging Committee and, to the extent applicable, the International Show Committee.

Show Judging Committee

Chair Gina Purdue

Jane Collins

Robert Lawson

Samantha Abney Miller

Duties: The Show Judging Committee (SJC) shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Board for the establishment and maintenance of an RMHA Show Judge licensing program. The SJC will be responsible to develop consistent training needs including, but not limited to, written and video education material, apprenticeship programs and RMHA Show Judge license requirements. The Show Judging Committee will be responsible to define licensing requirements. Any member of this committee shall not be a member of the Show Advisory Committee or the International Show Committee. The SJC shall coordinate it’s activities with the Show Advisory Committee and, to the extent applicable, the International Show Committee.

Trail Committee

CHAIR Angie Emmert

Larry LeBlanc

Janet Peters

Tess Smith

Jason Slone

Stephanie Moore

 Duties:This committee is established to carry out the management and administration of the RMHA Trail Mileage Program. This committee makes recommendations to the RMHA Board for improvements in the program or the awards for mileage achievements.

Youth Committee

CHAIR: Jolene Holbrook

Linda Kowal

Brittany Hopkins



Patricia McCarty

Jennifer Allen

Duties:The purpose of this committee is to develop a multifunctional program dedicated to the RMHA junior members. As an international youth program the purpose is to:

  1. Develop activities and promote the growth of our young people
  2. To help in the promotion of both the Rocky Mountain Horse and the RMHA
  3. To provide our young people with a means and place for them to grow into our future leaders.
  4. Provide educational and fun activities for our youth.


 Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees are established at the discretion of the President and the RMHA Board. Ad Hoc Committees are appointed to carry out specific responsibilities as designated by the RMHA Board. Ad Hoc Committees are made up of RMHA members and by non-members as designated by the RMHA Board.

Ad Hoc Certification Review Committee

Chair Maye Carter
Glenn Smith
Tara Stone
Mik Fenn

Duties: Appointed to review the trends in height, age and other demographics at the time of certification as it has changed over the years and to identify any patterns emerging in these demographics. This committee is established to help monitor trends which may affect the general makeup of the Rocky Mountain breeding herd and the future of the breed. 

Ad Hoc Nominating Committee

Chair Janet Peters

Brittany Hopkins

Melissa Grimes

Pam Higgins

Ellen Knapp

Sean O'Bryan

Mindy Smith

Duties: This committee is established to carry out the task of soliciting and vetting members applications for nomination to run for Board positions that year. Nomination and election of the members of this committee is carried out in August of each year by the Board through a nomination and election process described in the Rules of the RMHA. Members are nominated by the Board and an election is carried  out, if necessary. Members of this committee serve for a two year term. 4 members are appointed in even years, 3 in odd years. The chair is appointed each year, by vote of the members of the committee.

Ad Hoc Breed Standard Committee

CHAIR Tara Stone

Kelvin Robbins
Janet Peters  
Cyndee Davis

Marianne Jolley
Advisory - Wayne Hipsley  
Advisory - Elizabeth Graves  
Advisory - Amy Demersman            
Duties: This committee is established to look into defining a breed standard for use in grading horses in a voluntary grading program.

AD hoc Strategic Plan Committee

CHAIR Janet Peters                                                                        
John Stivers 
Kelvin Robbins
 Ellen Knapp

Duties: This committee will oversee the implementation of the 5 year strategic plan adopted by the RMHA Board in 2018. 

AD hoc Technology Committee
CHAIR  Mik Fenn                                                                                    

  Duties:  This committee is tasked to work with Bill Nelson, TeamLogic IT and Millermark to facilitate a smooth transition to our new website, new email program, and new membership management software and to integrate these new programs with our pedigree database and financial management software.

Charles Kilburn Society Committee

CHAIR Michael Kilburn



Steve Autry

Paul Kilburn

David McGuire

Ruth Purcell

Rea Swan

  The Charles Kilburn Society is NOT a Committee of the RMHA. It is a separately established society recognized as an honorary affiliate of the RMHA. As such, the Charles Kilburn Society operates under its own rules, as noted in the Rules of the RMHA. Its members may serve in an advisory role to the administrative leaders of the RMHA. Its members are respected for their knowledge of the workings of the association over its lifetime and for their many and varied contributions for and in the best interests of the Rocky Mountain Horse breed and the RMHA.

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